I’m back!

It’s been a busy 8 months, but I’m working on a bunch of posts to get the blog updated with the things I’ve been up to since last May.

In short…  I had a PACKED summer, where I didn’t spend a single weekend at home, it was awesome, but also very hard to keep up.  Went camping at Cyprus Lake, in the Bruce Peninsula National Park, completed the Laura Secord hike in Niagara, attended the Discover Lennox and Addington Mega Geocaching Event, hosted 24 people at the husbands parents cottage and spend a week in October in Prince Edward County.  In the fall I moved up from leading a brownie unit to a guide unit, and then took on a second unit (brownies) that had just opened in my community to help it get started.

I hope to have posts on all of my adventures put together and posted in the next few weeks…

I am also planning on starting to blog more about the things we do with my guide unit, including details on how much food is needed for different events.  The past two weekends I have been winter camping with my units, and have been keeping careful track of what food we bought and what was left over.  I want to create an area that can help other guiders in planning what they need – because I wasn’t able to find lots about it when I was starting to plan.

Hopefully I can accomplish everything I want to, and start to keep this blog more updated – instead of getting 8 months behind again…


May Already!?

I have not posted anything in awhile, and that is partly because I haven’t done anything outside that is remotely exciting in the past little while.

Last weekend we went up to Sam’s home town, and spent the weekend opening up the cottage.  This involved the boys getting in the lake to put the dock in, me hiding inside because the bugs are TERRIBLE right now, and the group building a dock.  They also caught a number of fish, provided dinner for Saturday and hung out by the fire.  We spent some time brainstorming for the Stag and Doe that’s coming up on July 1st, and then did the slow drive back south to be home for work on Monday.

I have to admit, I am one post behind from a hike Leslie and I completed in March. MARCH! I know, I’m slow.

But, I am delayed because I have been spending the majority of my time planning, and solving, and just generally looking at the Geocaches we can find in August when attending the Discover L&A MEGA event that’s happening in Napanee.

There are three of us going, and even though we have lots of stuff happening this summer before then, but planning for geocaching weekends is just so fun.

There are TONNES of great caches in the area, and the map of the caches we want to find it just getting fuller and fuller.

Caledon Hills 44.4-52.4

Caledon Hills 52.4-60.9

We planned for a shorter hike this day, we’d been out late the night before, and Leslie needed to get to her early hockey game in Barrie on time.

To be completely honest, I’m writing this post a week late, so will be referencing the Reference Guide to remind me what we passed and where we were.

We parked in the lot by Hockley Valley Road and 5th Line, of course leaving one car at end point before this, and began the climb up the VERY STEEP side trail that would bring us to mile mark 52.4.

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Are there fish here?

Somehow, I got talked into going ice fishing at a cottage near Haliburton one weekend in February.  I’m not really sure how it happened.  There were 8 of us planning on going, but one got called into work and another had coaching, so only 6 made it to the lake.

Snowy road into the cottage

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Caledon Hills 60.9-70.8

Monday morning we met up at the same 9:30am, dropped Leslie’s car at the end location and made out way to the parking lot on Hockley Valley Road in mine.  It was cooler then Saturday, sitting just below zero degrees.

We parked in the parking lotand walked to where the trail crossed the road.  The first 100m or so was a full out climb on a sheet of ice.  We stuck to the edges of the trail, hoping to avoid the slipperiest of parts.  We passed a trail runner going the other way who warned that the whole trail was going to be like that.  This did not stop us!

You can’t really tell how icy it is…

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Dufferin Hi-Lands 0.0-10.0

We have started the adventure.  Saturday morning, we decided to meet at 9:30 at the end point of our hike, leave one car there and drive the other to the beginning of the trail.

The very first thing we had to do was cross a stile to get onto the trail.  I’ll let you all know this now – I love stiles.  I don’t have a real reason for this, other than they are awesome, and fun, and along the trail they mean you’re entering a new area, and there could be a change in terrain.  In general stiles are the best.  On this hike we got to cross two stiles.

Over the Stile I go

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Hiking The Bruce Trail

My friend, Leslie, and I recently hatched a brilliant plan to hike the entire Bruce Trail.  Well, to be perfectly honest, she hatched the plan, and I attached myself to it with her.

The Bruce Trail is a footpath that goes from close to Niagara Falls north through Ontario to Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, on the shores of Georgian Bay.  It is close to 900km long.

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Up the mountain we go

I am a VERY novice skier.  I’ve owned skis for a whopping 1.5 seasons, and can count the number of times I’ve been on the slopes on two hands.  So, at the end of January, when my group of friends embarked on their annual trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec to ski and snowboard, I was not convinced that my legs would physically let me continuously throw myself down a mountain for three straight days.

A few weeks before we were scheduled to go, we had taken my brownie unit snowshoeing in the forests near our meeting location.  This was the first time I’d had the chance to strap on a pair, and boy was it fun.  Fast forward a week later, and we were in Canadian Tire buying ourselves each a pair.  (This did take some convincing from me to get the fiancée to agree he needed a pair as well.)

With or without a scheduled trip, I see the majority of the people we were travelling with one to two times a week, so I knew as soon as I had the shoes, I needed to get on my way to finding someone who would be up for my plan.

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